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Open Source development projects can land you a job. Yes, it may seems counter productive to your thinking, but if you are serious and good ...

Open Source development projects can land you a job. Yes, it may seems counter productive to your thinking, but if you are serious and good at what you do and the project owner (if an enterprise or a entrepreneur or a senior developer) could hire you.

Open Source projects are majorly created to co-develop with other like minded people who can contribute to a greater cause of overall development of an idea. However, if an idea of a project has some great potential and when there is a need for an experienced knowledgeable full-time developer, the person is likely to be hired for a good pay package for their contributions.

Firstly, to get hired, the applicant should have thorough knowledge, skillset, aptitude and the right attitude for the technology that it is built on. With fair amount of knowledge of the implementable project, and ability to fix a few bugs or add features as desired can get the project owner interested in your contribution. The hiring happens because, the project owner needs helping hands to develop and deploy their ideas faster as they progress with their goal.

Open Source projects will get you the industry readiness and help you build your capabilities when you get involved with real-projects. When you contribute to an open source project, not only the project progresses, but also your professional skills would improve. That is why honing skillsets is more important, than always actively looking for a job without getting involved in active projects. For software & tech developers, the internet is their internship via open source, which is not that easy for everyone else. 

Once they know that you fit their bill of hiring a good developer, you will be contacted and offered a job with decent pay. It is from there, your career sets on your own hands to make it to the scale you can.

Github, Freelancer, etc, are a few websites where you can find projects & can end up into a life making career. You need to be smart on how you strategise on your time and effort, otherwise you could end up being a contributor where you would end up doing it for life without getting paid. Also remember, Github is not a hiring platform, nor do the recruiters approve it as a marketplace looking for a candidate, but project managers do. So you get noticed directly by the team whom you could be working with in the future.

Remember, the idea of an open source project is for community developed projects that could benefit you and the community, and not for the sole purpose of making a living out of it. It is more like a volunteering task, but the perks is to enhance your skillset and also get noticed by the community.

OpenSourc.Guide is a good place to learn & getting started. Go contribute, and build yourself.

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